Inside Hopewell Elementary in Franklin, Indiana

December 23, 2021

When we were home a few months ago for Sean’s sister’s wedding, we wanted to see if we could go inside our old elementary school, Hopewell, to get some design inspiration for the schoolhouse renovations. I reached out to the folks at Heritage Baptist College and they were kind enough to give us an afternoon tour! When we entered, it was so wild to see so many familiar…


The History of Union Joint Graded School No. 9

September 13, 2021
union joint no 9 school history

Whenever we talked about our future home, we always knew we wanted to find a home with a story. We never expected we’d be lucky enough to find something with as much of a story as Union Joint Graded School No. 9. Union Joint was built in the early 1900s to serve children from the farthest corners of two neighboring townships, Nineveh and Franklin. The thinking was that…

History Renovations

We Bought a Schoolhouse!

September 10, 2021
schoolhouse franklin indiana

A big life update from our little family- Sean and I bought a schoolhouse in Franklin! We feel so lucky that the Indiana town we both grew up in has thrived in the 10 years since we’ve been gone. We always planned on moving back to the Midwest, but after Arlo was born, the Midwest narrowed to Franklin. The place where we grew up, met, fell in love…