Video Tour: Schoolhouse Homestead Episode 3

March 6, 2023

Finally got another YouTube episode edited and live on the progress we’ve made in the last year! Between moving to a new city, having a second baby in October, and all the demands of a full-time job… It took me a while to edit this from 4am-6am on random mornings. This process is intense and stressful but also very VERY excited about moving back home.  I’ve also embedded…


Video Tour: Schoolhouse Homestead Episode 1

October 7, 2021
video tour of old schoolhouse franklin indiana

A couple weeks ago we filmed a tour of the school to show the renovation progress so far. (Next time I’ll try to get my dad to join the commentary and it will make for a much funnier tour, but this time you’re stuck with just me and my iPhone. :)) We’ve already made a lot of progress since this was filmed with Robert Wilson and his amazing…

History Renovations

We Bought a Schoolhouse!

September 10, 2021
schoolhouse franklin indiana

A big life update from our little family- Sean and I bought a schoolhouse in Franklin! We feel so lucky that the Indiana town we both grew up in has thrived in the 10 years since we’ve been gone. We always planned on moving back to the Midwest, but after Arlo was born, the Midwest narrowed to Franklin. The place where we grew up, met, fell in love…